Croatia - Rab IslandEmaBeauty

When I met Ema, it was love at first sight. We were on vacation on the beautiful island of Rab in Croatia.
I had brought my camera with me for family pictures and to be able to do shoot spontaneously, should something – or someone – catch my eye.
One evening we were strolling through a medieval market in the City.
I felt as though all I could see around me were women wearing high heels and way too much make up.
I was getting a bit frustrated because it seemed like nobody in this big crowd had the same understanding of beauty as me, so we made our way over to the beach.
And all of a sudden this picture perfect woman was standing in front of me, wearing a medieval dress and selling wine.
Not exactly my style but I knew what her style was really like, despite the ‚costume‘ I could tell by how she wore her make up.
All excited I said to Ben: ‚That’s her! That’s her!‘ So I walked over to her and told her what a beautiful woman she is and asked her if she was up for a photo shoot, even a couples shoot if she likes. She immediately said yes. We just hit it off right away.
And so we set up a date. Her boyfriend did not want to have his picture taken, instead him and Ben talked ☺️
We had a super relaxed shooting, talking about all kinds of things. Thank you Ema for the wonderful time.
This is exactly how photo shoots should be… relaxed, authentic, simple.

  • Iva said:

    she is beautiful :) good work, even better Ema ;)